Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mikado Sushi- Orlando

Mikado is actually one of my favorite sushi restaurant in Orlando. It's tiny yet it serves up amazing sushi. I like everything I've had here, I am a very happy girl. I'm really impressed with their sashimi and also their sea urchin (uni) which is a big deal for me. It's hard for me to find good sea urchin (uni) since many places can not go through it fast enough to keep fresh stashes.

Anyways, back to Mikado!

The first time I visited Mikado I fell in love with a certain dish, their tuna tartare. It's pretty amazing and I can't find any tartare as full of flavor as the one at Mikado. It's rich and full of avocado and tuna. It's a must love dish! The sauce underneath is a bit tangy so the dish isn't fully heavy and overly rich. Mmm I'd eat it all day if  I could.

Nom. Nom. Nom.

This time we decided to get the Mikado boat which is around $65 so you can just imagine just how much sushi is going to be served. It didn't exactly come on a boat but it did come in a long massive plate full of raw fish and different types of sushi. How exciting is that!

They have large thick cuts of sashimi that can shut anyone up. I thought they were a bit too big but it may be because I haven't had such a large amount of raw fish in awhile. I really do like the sushi here at Mikado. The rolls are also big and full of flavors.

After all that food we ended with some fried green tea ice cream for dessert. Super yummy and very satisfying!

6417 Raleigh St
Orlando, FL 32835

407 822-1080

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hotto Potto - Winter Park

It's officially fall!! Let the fall... fall on us while we prepare ourselves for the holidays and tons of food that goes along with it. I decided to go for some hot pot with my love and we absolutely love it here at Hotto Potto. It's a bit of a distance for us but when it comes to good food I'm always willing.

Hot Pot is a childhood dish that is always served while we have any family gathering. It's a very active and family style meal that's customizable according to your preference. Here at Hotto Potto you have a choice of around 4 different types of broth and also customizable spice levels. We've tried the spicy meat broth, mild meat broth and also a spicy tom yum broth. I would have to say the spicy meat broth is one of my favorite. 

After you've decided on the broth your next mission is to choose what you would like to be cooked within your yummy broth. I would have to say when it comes to choosing I am always going overboard (prices do add up!) but I'm able to always finish it all.

Platters of little dishes comes out full of ingredients chosen for this adventurous time. Each plate could range from $1.80-$3 and more according to market price.

Here's a picture of my man with this weird "kitty face" he has. Ignore that and just notice all those little plates of goodies waiting to be bathed in spicy broth!

After dropping a load of food into the broth, let it cook accordingly and sit back and admire your beautiful creation.

Oh and while you wait why don't you go ahead and make an amazing dipping sauce! On the side of each table there's a cart full of a dozen or more different types of sauces from vinegar, soy sauce, oyster sauce, garlic and so on. Go ahead and experiment until the perfect dipping sauce is created.

I really love hot pot and am excited when I'm able to create my own food right in front of me. If you're feeling like trying something new and super customizable meal be sure to hit Hotto Potto up! I am in love with this place that I actually visited it twice within one week! Wooo that's a lot of food.

OH and don't let me forget about the biggest plus on top of the delicious food. They are open super super late, weekdays til 2 or so and weekends til 5 in the freaking morning. Heck yes!! 

3090 Aloma Ave. Suite 150
Winter Park, FL 32792

(407) 951 8028

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Sushi House - Orlando

Sushi Combo for 2

I've actually visited Sushi House twice, all thanks to Groupon! It is a very cozy little restaurant with a beautiful and flowery interior. There is a sushi bar, regular bar and also tables that are available for seating. Free seating for all!

The food and sushi here was all pretty good and it's a place I would visit often. I tried their shrimp tempura which was crisp and crunchy while the shrimp is still plump.


I am highly impressed with their cuts of sashimi. Each piece of fish is meaty and fresh. Their rolls are pretty good as well and they have a large and unique selection of dishes and combinations to choose from.

There was something that bugged me while I was looking over the menu. It's very large and when I say large I mean tons of tiny text. I had trouble decided which rolls to get since there was too many text and not many photos to back them up. My last visit was also very unique since we were always serviced by three different people and each one came by to visit too often.

Other than that I enjoyed my visits here at Sushi House. There's plenty of Groupon deals that pops up and they also have sushi making classes available to the public. I hear a great dating activity ringing.

Sushi House
8204 Crystal Clear Ln, #1300
Orlando, FL 32809


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Sushi Katana - Orlando

What time is it? Sushi boat time! Woot Woot!

I've always been hesitant when it came to sushi boats. Its intimidating size always turned me off but I've always wanted a boat myself. Creatively decorated and arranged in such a pleasing way. Now that I have an partner that's willing to feast with me I'm able to indulge as I please.

Sushi Katana isn't a typical sushi restaurant, it is infused with a little bit of modern and lots of lights. Once you step inside you can't help but notice the design of this restaurant. 

I manned up and decided to go for the Mizuumi Boat which consisted of 10 pieces of nigiri, 12 pieces of sashimi, Casey Roll, Shrimp Tempura, rainbow, Spicy Tuna. A hefty amount of food!

I'm not too sure if I was crazy for the rolls but the large cuts of sashimi made me a very happy girl. There was the typical cuts of tuna, salmon, and escolar. Delicious and fresh!

I had a really great waiter. It sucks that I can't remember his name but he was very attentive and also super friendly. I would certainly come visit again if I'm in the area.

Sushi Katana
4192 Conroy Rd. Suite 103
Orlando, FL 32839


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Rice Market & Restaurant - Tampa

A lot has changed since I last visited Rice Restaurant & Lounge. With a little remodeling and revamping this giant restaurant is now half market and half restaurant. With that little surprise in mind I actually really want to share the amazing deal here at Rice. If you're a Korean BBQ fan than I highly suggest hitting this place up.

It's the only place in Florida that I know of that offers ALL YOU CAN EAT Korean bbq. ALL YOU CAN EAT. Must I repeat myself another time? I've had all you can eat Korean bbq on the west coast and it's amazing and cheap but living in Florida it gets a little difficult to find the same kind of deals.

Anyways! For around $25 you have a list of different meats you can choose from. That's not including the unlimited banchans (side dishes) and misc side dishes that are added on like the soy bean soup, steam egg and also jap chae (clear noodles). I have to say the massive amount of side dishes which are freshly made is one of the most amazing thing you can get. Feast on!

Rice Market & Restaurant

7525 West Hillsborough Ave
Tampa, FL 33615


Monday, June 17, 2013

Hot n' Juicy Crawfish - Orlando

Crawfish. Crawfish. Crawfish. 

I can probably down 3-4 lbs of crawfish by myself depending on how hungry I am so it's to no surprise how much I love this place! Hot n' Juicy is correct if you're looking for a finger licking time. Not just finger licking but you might even have to slurp the juice that drips down your own arm. That's just how good and addicting this place can be! 

There's even a time I had a total of 5 lbs of crawfish in less than 24 hours in two sitting. If that's not dangerous I don't know what is. 

I can't give you any insight on anything else here but I'm sure they are just as good. Everything juicy comes in a bag with potatoes and corn so just be prepared to get dirty and juiced up. Remember to put on a bib and not to wear white! 

This place is huge and when I say it I mean it! The front part is where all the action is but the back part of the restaurant is just extra booths for more sloppy eating. So don't worry about how many is in your party just worry about all the juicy and shells flying around. 

Crawfish and seafood lovers. This is the place to go for some dirty eatin'.

My preferred season is the hot n' juicy medium but if you're willing for the extra extra kick go all the way! 

Hot n' Juicy Crawfish

7572 West Sand Lake Road 
OrlandoFL 32819