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September 24, 2009

For a friend's birthday we had dinner at Acropolis in Ybor, Tampa. Dinner consisted of two Asian girl (including myself) and one Caucasian girl. Being one of the two girls whom has never been to a legit Greek restaurant I must say it was very interesting. First thing I noticed walking in was all the napkin on the ground, assuming it was some sort of event that probably went on I didn't really question much about it. We all had no clue what to get so our wonderful waitress was such an amazing help! She gave us all kind of suggestions but we picked one item that we could all share and also have a variety to taste test.

We got the Mixed Grill which consisted of chicken, beef, kefte, and souvlaki. This also included pita and greek fries for a total of $27. We also ended her birthday with some sweets and I must say they have some to die for desserts! THEN the napkins are whooped out and thrown everywhere for the birthday song which was really cool and fun. We had much more then we could eat so this is def a filling dish for a group of people.

Acropolis (Ybor)

1833 E 7th Ave
Tampa, Fl 33605
(813) 242-4545
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