Boxed Sushi.. Is it safe?

8/21/2010 01:00:00 AM

June 8, 2009

This picture was taken at Uwajimaya in Seattle. I have always avoided any sushi that is contained in a box and left out in those half open fridges. Well I had questioned myself, Was it that bad to eat? I would have to guess it all depends on where you get it. There are certainly places you would want to avoid like places that are slow and doesn't normally sell sushi. Let's say we were in Japan or any of those Asian countries, it is typically normal to have all certain types of food in the fridges of gas stations and those convenience stores, sushi, bento boxes, rice balls, soups and so on. They always look so good too, like you just ordered it from a restaurant! There are also some SOME stores in America but it has to be those big and I  mean BIG Asian markets to have some delicious looking fridge food! 

I did happen to come across a place in America that should have not offer sushi at all... I feared for my life.

Walgreens in Orlando, Florida.

600 5th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 624-6248

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