Ha Long Bay

8/21/2010 12:09:00 AM

April 28, 2009

Ha Long Bay is actually a pretty new Dim Sum/Chinese restaurant that has opened up down in south Pinellas. It is surrounded with neighboring Asian markets and restaurants in the same plaza. It is a very big place that is wide and open, meaning no one will be running into those carts! I first went there with my family wondering how it would be compared to one of my top favorite dim sum restaurant TC Choy in Tampa. To my expectation I still enjoy TC Choy better but this is a very nice place to go to if you aren't picky with dumplings like I am. The price is a bit cheaper then TC Choy, but not so much if you are willing to put in a few coins for better dim sum. The food was decent but hasn't won me over, I go here only if I am in the area and I really want dim sum. 

Ha Long Bay

5944 34th Street North
St Petersburg, FL 33714-1257

(727) 522-9988

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