8/20/2010 03:20:00 PM


My name is Dena and I am currently a full time college student living in the sun shine Florida. It's super hot right now but I'm managing!! Well I wanted to start this blog to share with you guys the wonderful food experience that keeps my day going and also any benefits a food would have that you wouldn't know much of. I will upload a lot of old pictures from the past onto this blog today so bare with me!

As I have mentioned before I am a full time student so I don't have much funds. I will try my best to keep it coming to keep you guys entertained so I hope you stay put! hehe!

And also! If you see any pictures with the watermark "xyummyxnoodlesx" That's me haha! I use xyummyxnoodles, yummynoodles as a username for everything!

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