Jade Buddha

8/21/2010 02:22:00 AM

March 8, 2010

I was one of the millions that was able to see and touch the Jade Buddha when it was touring throughout the United States. It stayed in Tampa, Florida for about 2 weeks and I was able to go see it for a few days before it continued its tour back to Asia. My mother told me about this Jade Buddha a year before it even came into town and kept telling me to keep my schedule open. She pretty much spent every day there and we even made so much desserts etc to sell at the temple and donated it to the tour for it to get home safely. 

This was a pretty special event because people went crazy! I mean there are so many people who haven't had a chance to see this and now that it's home it won't be moving any time soon. This piece of jade isn't any normal piece. It weighs around 4 ton and is around 5 million dollars.

I spend a lot of time at the temple, my family is buddhist and I have grown up to become one myself. My mother is somewhat hardcore but cannot give up responsibilities to become a nun yet. I asked her why and she said that becoming one, one must give up everything on life and forget it all. Meaning that she had to let go of her family, her mother and her kids which she couldn't do so she decided to stay here with us now. I guess it makes me really appreciative of how much she cares but it hurts me inside knowing that I'm one of the reason holding her back from doing what she wants to do.


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