Jade Garden

8/21/2010 01:27:00 AM

June 12, 2009

After the dry soda experience we all got hungry and headed over to Jade Garden, well it was more like my cousin drove us over to this place. I didn't really expected much because I wasn't really craving for any food but we happened to just ordered food and managed to get 3 dishes for 4 people which was more then enough!

 We got honey glazed prawns and walnuts, black bean sauce crabs and sweet and sour pork. There was so much food that we were shoving everything in our mouths at the end of our meal. The food was good, the crab was alright because it was so damn pricey! My favorite would have to be those honey glazed prawns. They are so amazing that I think of them till this day.. They made it so perfect that I will never forget how crispy yet sweet those prawns were. OH MAN! I am still trying to find a place that can make it like Jade Garden but my mission has not been successful at all.. I won't stop though!

This place was clean and had great service. We ate and left with no problems at all and the food servings were very generous. White rice and soup was also served and it didn't taste like those take out soups that are filled with color dye and cornstarch. 

Jade Garden

704 South King Street
Seattle, WA 98104-2948

(206) 622-8181

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