Sushi Spot

8/20/2010 11:36:00 PM

April 24, 2009

I would have to say Sushi Spot is one of my favorite sushi restaurant and one I visit over and over the most. Their rolls are amazing and huge which is always a big plus and everyone is very friendly here. I first started coming here because it was a friend's friend restaurant and so after that it was just a place I constantly go to in the past few years. I will have to say their food hasn't been as great as in the past but it still is good enough to gather friends and eat out here. The restaurant is pretty big, one side is a room for either over crowding or for a large party. The other side consists of tables, lounges, t.v.s and also the sushi bar. Every waitresses I have had has always been really nice and quick with service and the sushi chefs are nice (but I do prefer the chefs in the past). 

I use to be in love with the Sexy Suzie which contains spicy octopus, conch, crab stick, crawfish, smelt roe, crunch, carrot, cucumber, tempura, topped with spicy mayo, wasabi sauce, eel sauce and fish eggs (picture above).  I could never finish this alone because of how much is in one serving but it is also $13 for special rolls and the price could get higher with certain ingredients. I now get soba noodle soup which is just amazing! I have taken a somewhat healthier route and have been getting this delicious bowl of soba and tempura shrimps which is around $12 so everything would normally be around the same price range.

Sushi Spot

3665 East Bay Dr
Largo, FL 33771

(727) 507-7400

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