Yotopia Frozen Yogurt

8/20/2010 09:03:00 PM

April 23, 2009

HMMM do I have a history with Yotopia! I actually work here and have been working here for a year now. This was taken before I started working so I'll tell you about my experience when I first started coming here. Back in Composition I, those freshman days in college I did a essay about frozen yogurts. I started to get obsessed with it because I have never tried frozen yogurt due to the fact there's no where that sells any. I searched like crazy and gave up until one day I ate at the Thai place next door and came out to check this place out for some dessert and fell in love. The frozen yogurt here is light, icy and tarty which made me love! I loved it so much that I applied for a job at Yotopia for the heck of it and got it. Now there are many frozen yogurt parlors everywhere but none of them I really like because they are so creamy and concentrated in flavor. If I wanted something like ice cream I would just buy ice cream, maybe thats why I prefer the icy and tartiness of Yotopia's frozen Yogurt.

Yotopia Frozen Yogurt

2519 North McMullen Booth Road #508 
Clearwater, FL 33761 

(727) 791-3900

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