Dim Sum @ Chopstix

9/08/2010 01:23:00 AM

I went to Chopstix in hopes for some Xiao Long Bao or soup dumplings as some would call them. A friend said they offered some. Soup dumplings are hard to find in Clearwater or anywhere near the area (sad face). Anyways, this restaurant is pretty new because I can still remember the old chinese restaurant that use to be in it's place. It is very clean and modern inside, there are tanks  full of seafood selections and even a fish tank (not to eat) to glare at. 

The food was alright, I wouldn't say this is my number one place to get chinese food or dim sum, but it is not awful where you wouldn't come back to eat at. Out of the whole dim sum selections we picked out the fried taro balls seems to be my favorite and the best compared to other dim sum restaurants in the area. The oh so long waited xiao long bao was a disappointment. It wasn't soupy enough and small, I actually enjoy the frozen soup dumplings more because there are more flavor in them and also more soup. You can get around 2 dozen frozen soup dumplings for under 5 bucks (which sounds a lot of money but if you are paying a few bucks for only 4 dumplings I think it is worth it). The fried shrimp balls were also pretty good too.

Overall I don't think this place is bad, the decor is very nice and the place is clean and friendly. If you are a USF student you also get 10% off your check.  They are well known and are always advertising in the Asian newspaper.

Chopstix - Tampa

1441 East Fletcher Avenue
Tampa, FL 33612

(813) 632-3293

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