Hello there...Logan

9/05/2010 02:16:00 AM

MMM The logan/longan fruit is so good! Typically grown in the South/ Southeast Asia or similar to the tropical weather. Logan are named after "dragon eyes" because the thin light brown skin is similar to eyeballs, the dark brown to black sit or pit in the middle can be seen through the translucent white flesh like a pupil or iris. 

When they are fully ripped the brown skin is firm and the inside is full of juicy translucent white flesh. The firmness of the shell creates a easy "crack" or "pop" sound when opened whether by popping it in between your fingers or how I do it, by biting the shell so I can peel it off (rinsed first of course). 

Logan are in full bloom the same time as lychee's but I somehow enjoy logan so much more. The taste is very sweet and smooth to eat, there's is no tanginess or acidic feel to is. You can also find logan dried, like in herbal medicine, fresh, frozen, or even in a can full of syrup. 

I like them fresh the best ^_^!

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