"Let's go to... RICE!"

9/19/2010 02:11:00 PM

Oh how I love going to Rice. It's very hard to find a Korean restaurant in Florida that provides a grill at your table. Rice happens to be my first Korean restaurant to what I can remember. My parents actually took me to eat korean food back back in the days when I use to live in Tacoma but that's something I don't remember. I don't go get Korean food often (I actually make most of it at home) because the price is just too crazy to be eating it every week. I think because there is a lack of Koreans here in Florida everything just happens to be pricey. I use to live in Tacoma, Washington and must I say there's so many Koreans you feel like you're in a different country. I like it (since I'm really into the Korean culture) but living in Washington wasn't my thing.

ANYWAYS, Rice is a wonderful place, it's huge but remains empty because they do mainly a lot of catering and selling drinks. This doesn't affect the taste of the food though. I've been to most of the Korean restaurants in tampa but I keep coming back to Rice. I really do recommend this place to others who want to try a different cultural food or just need a dosage of korean food. I come here often with friends or even by myself if I am in the area. 

I come here mainly for Korean BBQ (at the grill) which you have to make 2 orders to grill at the table. If you want to take a cheaper route you can eat in the booth *the meal for two* is great for that. It's enough food for 3 people. They also have this offer for the grill that if you order 3 set of meat you get 1 for free. This is def more then enough for 4 people. I get super filled trying to finish two orders with a friend so sharing is just a cheaper way. You can split it up and the more the people the cheaper it will get! It's great  doing your korean bbq all together and just having a fun time talking and all. My favorite part is all the banchan (side dishes) that is served. Especially at dinner time, there's always something new added in. 

 There's so many side dishes to eat from! I absolutely love the steam eggs and soup that is served with the meal. It's just perfect and warm that it just heat up your body. There's a lot of banchan to pick from (favorite to least favorite) but make sure you try everything to see what you like!

Everyone that works here are super friendly! If you have never had korean food before you can always ask the waitress or waiter and they will give you information and even show you how you're supposed to eat something. Don't be shy! 

I still think going for Korean bbq (grilling it yourself) is the best experience. I really recommend others to try it once because it's such a cultural experience and you're always preparing food the way you want to. 

^_^ mmm korean bbq!

I love love galbi (if you're wondering). 
Samgyupsal (pork belly) is good too but I don't like eating it because it doesn't have much flavor and I think it's too fatty. Plus I don't like pork so much but it is a cheaper choice of meat!

Rice Restaurant & Lounge
(Town N Country Plaza)

7525 West Hillsborough Ave
Tampa, FL 33615


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  1. Nice review of Rice. I personally wasn't impressed when we went there on Valentines Day...lol but oh well. Maybe I should try making it myself.