Quail Sushi

9/23/2010 11:55:00 PM

I was having some sushi at my work with my friend a few nights ago and I decided to get something off the menu that I've never tried before. I decided to try out this quail egg sushi I hear about from friends and have seen many times before. Well here it is, my two quail eggs staring at me. I honestly don't have much to say about this except I've tried it. It really wasn't awful but it wasn't delicious and I probably would never order this again. I love eating quail (fried) and love eating the little eggs with just salt and pepper but eating quail egg sushi.. raw. This just wasn't my thing.

I have to be honest, the feel of raw egg is one of those things I hate. The texture was slimy and it kinda pops and ooze out when the yolk is smushed between your teeth. The taste is very.. plain. There wasn't exactly a taste I could describe but it tasted and felt like raw egg. The only flavor I could really get was from the soy sauce and wasabi, other then that it was just very plain. It was rich due to the fact you're eating an egg yolk.

Ahh I've tried and and I probably won't order it again unless it gave me special powers. I always wondered how guys could just drink raw eggs in the morning, but after this experience I don't think it was that hard. 

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  1. DENA!

    I am the food and travel editor at the St. Petersburg Times and want to talk with you about a story I am writing about people who photograph food and post it online. You have some really nice photos. Will you talk???

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