Vinh's Restaurant

9/06/2010 09:40:00 PM

I spent a night in Orlando and decided to go get some food for lunch the next day. Didn't really know what I was going to eat so we happened to end up at Vinh's Restaurant, which is a typical vietnamese restaurant or pho restaurant. The place was clean and neat, nothing too homely but nothing too modern. During the time I went in there wasn't much of a crowd but it wasn't empty at all. My friend and I ordered some appetizers and two bowl of pho the both of us. 

I can say now. I was pretty darn disappointed in the food. The service was alright, but somehow our waitress kinda blew up at one of the owner or manager for whatever reason so it made an awkward feeling in the middle of our meal. The appetizers (egg rolls and spring rolls) were okay, the egg rolls was good to eat but the spring roll was filled with 90% noodles and there was barely any meat or shrimp inside. Plus the peanut sauce was super watered down so there wasn't much flavor. The pho was just horrible. My friend and I agreed that we were done and felt sort of sick. I barely ate any of my pho, there was probably 80% of the dish still inside that bowl. The noodles were overcooked so it was somewhat smushy, the broth tasted very salty (even after I squeezed 3 pieces of lime into it), and the meat was just too soft. I stopped eating not because I was full but becase I lost my appetite. 

I certainly wouldn't come back to this place and now I realize why my parents didn't take me here to eat pho before. The price is over 2 dollars more then the normal bowl of pho I would get here locally (which taste better). I normally don't do such harsh reviews for the heck of it but when a place really sucks. IT REALLY SUCKS.

Vinh's Restaurant

1231 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

(407) 894-5007

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