I ♥ Rita's Italian Ice

10/19/2010 03:20:00 PM

I can go for Rita's Italian Ice anytime any day! There's one somewhat near me but I only get it when I go or come back from the beach. There's a new Rita's that just opened CLOSER to me and I am in love! Usually I don't go for Italian Ice because of all the sugar and just a kid size is more then enough for me. It's one of those things I consider a "reward". There's always a sugar free flavor that you can opt to and 10 other flavors that you can choose from. You can always find something to enjoy here at Rita's, whether it's some ice, or something creamy or even something blended!

A new Rita's Italian Ice has just opened up near me and today after my Anatomy and Physiology II exam I decided to meet up with a friend to get some ice as a treat! The place was packed and since it is near a high school, there were tons there. I think the location is perfect. It's in a big and busty plaza with many nail salons, Publix, lots of restaurants and many more. They just opened today and for 7 days (as their Grand Opening) they will be giving out regular size cups of ice for FREE! I hope you guys go out and check out this location and go get some free ice. 

I just so happen to be in this picture that was posted up on Rita's Facebook. I look a little pissed but I wasn't I swear! I really think this business is going to do well here!! I'll be back!

Don't know what Italian Ice is? Well it's also known as "water ice", it is a frozen dessert made of fruit or other flavoring. It is very similar to sorbet. Italian is nothing like shaved ice that is flavored but it is made in the similar process as ice cream, freezing the ingredients while being mixed at the same time. 

Rita's Italian Ice

(Northwood Plaza)

2510-A N. McMullen Booth Road
Clearwater, FL

727-796-RITA x 7482

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