Pho Quyen in Pinellas Park

10/26/2010 02:10:00 AM

Since I was in the area I went to go get some food from Pho Quyen in Pinellas Park today with the family. We were doing some business and got hungry so we headed over there. I've been going to this place for probably over 6 years. I don't remember exactly how long but I know it started when I was in middle school. Nothing has really changed but ever since many other Pho Quyens have opened up I rarely come to this one in Pinellas Park. The food and restaurant doesn't appeal to me as much as the one on Hillsborough. The restaurant still have some of the same employee from awhile back, the design and menu hasn't changed much. Nothing has really improved but if you really need some Vietnamese food and you're in the area this place isn't that bad. Most of the employees and owner speak Chinese, Vietnamese and a little bit of English so that may helpful for many. The popular dishes that I always get would be pho, chao, and broken rice dishes. They do also serve bubble tea and many other drinks that are fun to eat. I honestly don't love the food here but if I am hungry I probably come by to eat some. The chao was okay, it was a bit too thick but it's loaded. I got the one that has everything in it and when I say everything I mean it. They have been putting sausages in my chao for some odd reason but it's a good little treat from all the organs and intestine that are usually in it. 

 The Bun Bo Hue which is my brothers favorite dish wasn't that great either. My brother said it was a bit too spicy and just looking at him eat the bowl I could see all of the oil and coloring sticking everywhere. It didn't make me want to take a slurp of the broth because who knows what's in it. He did manage to finish the whole bowl so I'm sure it wasn't that bad as it seems but he did agree with me that the food on Hillsborough was better. I don't want to hate so much but once you have food from a different place that is better you can't do much to help the situation. I always do try to go back and try the food over to see if anything has changed and right now nothing has really changed. The food back in the days used to be all I knew but now since there are better places to eat at I have trouble going back to this one. Compared to the one on Hillsborough there seems to be a lack in many things. The restaurant is 3 times bigger, there are many younger kids who speak english that works, the food taste better, it's always busy and there's a large menu list.

BUT This is probably my top place to go to get Vietnamese food in the area. There are many places worse that are near by. They serve very good amount of food for a good price. Everyone here are very friendly, sometimes it may be a bit slow but it's a more family owned kind of restaurant.

B.B.Q. Beef on Broken Rice

Pho Quyen 

(Pinellas Park)

4505 Park Blvd # 10
Pinellas Park, FL 33781

(727) 545-5678

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