Bagels & Noodles... HUH?!

11/17/2010 09:00:00 PM

Yes, you've read correctly. Bagels and Noodles! I happened to stubble on by to this little restaurant by mistake looking for another Vietnamese restaurant that was in the area (must I say there's not much Vietnamese food in Gainesville). Anyways the exterior is a bit shaddy, not what you would really expect but you can't complain. The interior is very Americanized and at the tables there's ketchup and cream and so on. It confused me a bit because I wasn't sure if I had entered to the wrong restaurant. 

The concept is bagels in the AM and "noodles" Vietnamese food in the afternoon and so on. I guess it's a pretty cool idea especially the fact that this restaurant use to be a bagel shop. 

My honest opinion is that if you're looking for Vietnamese food, go elsewhere. The food isn't terrible but it's not the best I've had and I probably wouldn't go back. The portion for a bowl of pho is tiny (kid size pho) for around 7 dollars. I managed to come in between 3-6 which is happy hour, $4.99 on everything except seafood. If I didn't come in during that time I would have been a unhappy camper because I wouldn't even pay 4 bucks for what I got. 

Bagels & Noodles

1222 W University Ave
GainesvilleFL 32601
(352) 872-5789

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