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11/24/2010 10:26:00 PM

Ooooh I love Bento Cafe! The first I had Bento was in Gainesville and today I went to the one in Orlando. Man oh man was I happy! This is a very modern Asian cafe that serves you all sorts of Asian food from Chinese, Japanese, Korean and so on. There is a huge list of ways and types of food you can get and they also serve sushi, boba and much more. This Orlando location is really nice since it is in downtown Orlando along with many other restaurants and bars. The interior is similar to the one in Gainesville but a little more classy. The parking is a b*tch though (since it's downtown) you have to park in the garage which cost a ton or find other ways to find parking.

My friend and I got the Korean Spicy Chicken Bento box (free miso soup), Mexican roll, Spicy Tuna roll and Mt. Fuji roll (free). FREE?! Yes FREE. Bento has it's own happy hour which is amazing! Get any bento box and you get a miso soup for free and also buy 2 rolls and get the 3rd one free. That's such an amazing deal for so much food. For all the food today it was $12 for each person. Let me say Bento is pretty cheap for the amount of food you get.

I really enjoyed everything we ordered today and finished everything off nicely. We were SUPER hungry and left super full!! The bento box is nice because it's an actual bento box. You get your meal, rice, salad, side veggies, noodles and a little treat. Wonderful as a whole meal itself. The sushi was good too and I didn't have much to complain while stuffing my face. The miso soup was surprisingly really good. I am picky with my miso because sometimes it comes out too watery or too strong but this was really good stuff.

Oh must I add.. My top favorite frozen yogurt parlor is right next door! Mochi Frozen Yogurt is to die for!

My lovely friend enjoying her bento

Bento Cafe
151 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 
(407) 999-8989

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