Kaiko Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant

11/19/2010 01:40:00 AM

I didn't eat anything pictured from this blog tonight because I photograph my friends food. It doesn't mean I haven't had it before! This is one of my old friend's restaurant and I've been coming here for years and years. It seems to be a very popular place because celebrity would come here for their dosage of sushi and it's always crowded, especially during lunch/dinner hours and it's a tight squeeze. 

This restaurant is Chinese owned but it doesn't mean they don't know how to roll their sushi and feed us Japanese food. The sushi is good but I usually don't come here for their rolls (thats me personally). I love their udon, spicy fish salad, baked mussels and fried ice cream! It doesn't sound like a healthy mix but man are they good! Everyone who works here are super nice and will give you anything you need. They all have a sense of humor and don't mind joking around with you. 

I'm not trying to butter up this review just because I know them personally. Well maybe I am? Anyways, this is a place to check out if you're in the area. The location is nice because it's located in a plaza full of restaurants from pizza, Indian food, and Thai.

Baked Mussels

One of my favorite thing to get here even though it's not cheap would be the Spicy Fish Salad. Amazing stuff! It has salmon, tune, ika salad, cucumber all mixed up in this spicy sauce and sesame seeds. It may sound simple but it is really something. I always have to come and get a dish for myself and I usually eat it dipped in soy w/ wasabi for the extra kick and rice :)! What a meal! 

Partially eaten Spicy Fish Salad
This is def a place to come by just to try, you never know you'll be hooked! Everyone I know in the area knows about this place and it's located in a nice plaza and a busy intersection with many stores. 

It is a family owned restaurant, with the father at the sushi bar, son right after him. The waitress are both related to each other and there's a connection everywhere!

Kaiko Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant

2475 N McMullen Booth Rd
ClearwaterFL 33759


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