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Bulgogi Chicken

This place is pretty new, probably have been open for a month or so. I actually heard it from Carlos from He's also a food blogger in the area so it's cool. We actually both tried food from Sa Ri One Lunchbox the same day but I didn't get pictures because I was in a rush to get somewhere else. I've already had food here 4 times so that tells you something! The price is pretty decent, just like spending money on any other meal you would get. The price ranges from about 7-14 dollars per meal. 

Sa Ri One Lunchbox is pretty much a fast food "lunchbox style" of the original Korean restaurant Sa Ri One on Cypress in Tampa. The food is pretty darn good and it comes with either fried or white rice, the "meat" selection, some pickled cucumber (my fav!), fried dumplings (AMAZING) and a drink. That's a lot for a meal, and I usually only eat half and save the rest for when I'm hungry again!

The location of Sa Ri One Lunchbox is a bit tricky to get to as of right now due to construction and you may want to look out for the word "Lunchbox" instead because it's pretty much 90% of the sign. The decor is nice and clean, lots of flashing lights/signs that are very noticeable at night. Inside there's a few tables to eat at and they will be serving frozen yogurt once they get the ingredients down! The employees are super nice and talkative which is cool and there's also a TV to watch while u wait, plus you can always order in if you're in a rush!

Beef Bulgogi

I recommend the Beef Bulgogi and Galbi (Kalbi)!!! Two of my favorite ones on there, the chicken is pretty good too esp if you like a lil spicy kick!

Sa Ri One Luncbox

8892 N 56th St
TampaFL 33617

(813) 984-2800

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