Green Market Cafe

12/08/2010 07:23:00 PM

Remember my earlier post a day ago about wanting to try Green Market Cafe, well I went with my friend Gabby today. It was an okay experience, let me just say "Now we know". I can't help but compare this place to Crispers which I absolutely love and of course Crispers beat Green Market Cafe hands down. 

The interior is really nice and a plus when it is connected to Kiwi Frozen Yogurt which is a must try. Kiwi Frozen Yogurt has an pink theme to it, which my friend Gabby adores and the Green Market Cafe side, of course, has an green theme. It looks like a very fun adorable place to eat and study, but the food to me wasn't that good. I ordered a Wasabi wrap, Gabby ordered a Buffalo Chicken wrap and we both shared a Spinach & Feta Flatbread Pizza. 

Wasabi Wrap
Spinach & Feta Flatbread Pizza
Buffalo Chicken Wrap

I thought the Wasabi Wrap would be good but it was just alright, I'm not sure why but it just tasted awkward to me, who knows what happened but it just didn't match well with all that was inside that wrap. The chicken salad was good, and the cucumber wasabi dressing was good. I think they were good alone but it just tasted really strange together. The wrap itself is worth the price, the size is pretty big and it's pretty stuffed.

I didn't take a bite of the Buffalo Chicken Wrap but it seems that Gabby thought it was okay too. She said that there was too much of the Bleu Cheese dressing. The Spinach & Feta Flatbread Pizza looked good when it came out but I was really disappointed at the soggy and greasy mess it left on my fingers. I had a piece and was done with the pizza. I was hoping for something similar to Crispers Flatbread which happens to be my favorite. It's really crispy and the flavors are amazing!

Sadly, the food wasn't for me but I thought this place looked great. I really love the whole urban look it gave off. I am disappointed, but like always I'll give it a second try in the future, like I do for all my disappointed restaurant (maybe I'll try the salads). I must say though the frozen yogurt is really good so I'll come back for the yogurt of course! 

(Oh I found an eyelash on my plate, but I won't judge them too much because of that. I was just really disappointed in the food.)

Green Market Cafe

3150 Tampa Rd, Ste 1A
Oldsmar, FL 34677

(727) 787-5494

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