Ha Long Bay - UPDATE

12/05/2010 09:59:00 PM

I'm not sure if this is much of a update if my thoughts about this restaurant and about the food is the same. I'll keep it simple. The interior is great, the location is amazing but the food isn't the best. There are a few things that are good but there's still a lot of things that went wrong. I went in with my mom to grab a few dim sum (chicken feet, sticky rice, pork & ginger dumpling, and shu mai).

The sticky rice was a bit dry and the texture was a bit too mushy for my taste. The full pieces of pork and chinese sausage was a total turn off to me. I ended up putting them aside and picked at the rice a bit more. Usually the rice grains should be nice and plump and is chewy yet holds its texture. The one I got today was a disappointment. (my opinion) I also like when the meat is grounded because the fat keeps the meat mixture moist and also the inside of the sticky rice flavorful.

The chicken feet had the right flavor but it was tiny compared to other places I've ordered. The color is very red for some reason? Normally the ones I get are a brownish color.

The last dish we got today was this soft tofu deep fried with a vegetable stir fry. The tofu was really  nice especially when they used soft tofu. It seems to explode after you chomp down on that thin layer of crispy goodness. I really enjoyed it because it was really light and refreshing. The dish was very well presented and decent priced but there was one thing. My mom said the baby corn that was stir fried in it must have been spoiled because it gave off a sour taste to it. We didn't give the restaurant any trouble and just put all the corn to the side. We were in a rush anyways!

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Ha Long Bay

5944 34th Street North
St Petersburg, FL 33714-1257

(727) 522-9988


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