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12/09/2010 10:48:00 PM

I have already made an post about Rice Restaurant & Lounge but I never had any decent pictures so now I'm back with pretty pictures! I love Korean food and Rice is the only place in the area that offers grills at your table. The price is really high compared to other meals but I guess since it's the only place in town that has this you have to settle with it. I really like eating at Rice because of all the banchans (side dishes) they offer. There's maybe around 15 side dishes for dinner that comes with your meal. This restaurant is really big but mostly empty. They have a full bar so if you're here for a drink with your food I think you should check that out. The interior is really nice and the employees are great, Lisa and Hae Ri are really nice and good with keeping up with everything. 

They have a large menu, which I absolutely love. They also have an online website so you can check out their menu but the price isn't listed. They have deals from time to time, either with special noodle dishes and for awhile they have the 3 bbq meat selection and 1 for free deal.

Today we ordered 2 kalbi (beef shortribs), and 2 chadallbaegi (thin brisket). There's not much to talk about because the food was gone fast! It was good, but I always think it's over priced. I should have stuffed my face with all the Korean food I wanted when I was in Tacoma. It was super cheap there compared to here in Tampa! My favorite part, other then all the meat is the many side dishes, the delicious steamed egg and soup and also the rice tea you get afterwards! Other dishes I recommend here at Rice would be the bulgogi, kalbi, seafood pancake, and some of the noodle soup dishes they serve. They have such a large menu that I haven't even had a chance to try it all yet.


I really like coming here and all my friends I've taken all love it. It's a great way to experience a new cultural food and to show your friends you can cook! This restaurant offers a lot of stuff so you just have to find which one is your favorite. 

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Rice Restaurant & Lounge
(Town N Country Plaza)

7525 West Hillsborough Ave
Tampa, FL 33615



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  1. We gotta go together to Rice sometime!

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