Los Mayas "Los Mariachis"

12/30/2010 02:58:00 PM

Los Mayas was an unexpected dinner. My friend and I were actually trying to hit up Pangea a cafe in downtown Clearwater but it is in the process of moving to a different location so then we decided to go to Cafe Supreme but it was closed for the day. We tried looking for other cafes in the area like Tin Can cafe but it was also closed so we both gave up on wanting to find a cafe. We ended up at Los Mayas because it was the closest restaurant and it also looked very busy. 

We were both hesitant because we didn't want to be disappointed but decided to go in anyways because it looked very packed, the parking lot was full of cars so I thought to myself "There's so many people it must be good!". This restaurant is a very good size actually it's probably bigger then other Mexican restaurants I've been to. It's very clean and decorative. It was an 'seat your self' restaurant which is nice because you can just go in and find a booth or seat wherever you like. The service isn't the fastest but we weren't neglected. I also want to mention the menu is HUGE. There was so much stuff I had the hardest time trying to find what I wanted to eat. The price range is pretty average around $8-13 per serving. My friend ordered herself a frozen margarita, and the Super combination and I ordered the steak fajita.

Super Combination
The wait for our food wasn't that long and the servings were pretty big because we both didn't finish everything. My friends Super Combination came with chafupa with guacamole salad (not pictured), chile relleno, beef taco (not pictured), mexican rice, fried beans, beef and cheese enchiladas. The chile rellano was the favorite on the dish and all the others were "okay" I really didn't like the enchiladas and the guacamole salad was a bit strange but it wasn't horrible.

Steak Fajita
I ordered the Steak Fajita because I really couldn't decide what to get and it was the last thing mentioned by our waiter. I liked it a lot and it's always fun to eat when you're putting your own food onto your plate. I thought of my family and when I first bit into it I said to myself "My mom and brother would love this!". I would so like it better if it wasn't so burnt tasting :(

We both finished our meal with fried ice cream, I've always had fried ice cream in Japanese restaurants so it was my first time having it here. To be honest I like the tempura style fried ice cream better but this was still good. I like the cornflake crust but my friend was telling me how it was probably premade because it came out too fast and it was hard as a rock. It was like war trying to break into the fried ice cream and if it was "fried" it should have been warm but it was icy cold! 

Fried Ice Cream
Overall thoughts, I though this was a really nice, clean and neat restaurant. They seem to be busy which is always good but the waitress and waiters are a bit slower, which seems to be a topic I've seen in other reviews. The staffs are extremely nice though so thats a plus! The food was pretty good but my friend said Mexican food from Cali was better (it makes sense!). The servings are large and there's a huge menu to look at. This restaurant could be easily missed or do not get any attention because I've always seen this restaurant in the corner but never thought to even check it out. There's not much around the area and there seems to be many other Mexican restaurant nearby but all are closed. 

Come try it out ^_^ I had a nice experience here!

Los Mayas 

1200 Cleveland St
Clearwater, FL 33755

(727) 441-2535

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