Special Wine Tasting

12/22/2010 12:00:00 AM

My friend and I decided to have our own wine tasting at home. We only started with one or two but then it grew as we went to the store to look at what other Asian wines there are. The only ones I have left right now to be pictures are (from left to right) Han's Farm Pomegranate Wine, Ozenki Hana- Awaka & the oh so famous Bohae Bokbunjajoo. 

The Pomegranate Wine is a korean wine in a very cool abstract rectangular bottle. The alcohol content is 16% by volume (the highest of the 3). You can tell that is is the stronger of the 3 but it has a very light and sweet/tangy taste. I like this but it isn't my favorite one. It's really refreshing and it's not heavy on the palate.

The Ozenki Hana-Awaka meaning "Sparking Flower" is my favorite of the 3. It's in a very girly pink bottle, looking like a baby champaign bottle but it's real hidden feature is that it's a Japanese sake. There is a 7% alcohol by volume so it is the least amount out of the 3. It's a really light and sweet taste to this drink. It's bubbly just like the name and I think this is a really nice drink to have as a "snack" or "dessert".

Bohae's Bokbunjajoo - Black Raspberry Wine is one of the more famous brand that I see often. I will often see this at restaurants being advertised or even at the stores. I tried this out of curiosity and I think it is pretty good. I'm not a big crazy fan of black raspberry so I'm not in love with it but my friend Gabby really likes it a lot. It's a sweet wine so it's not so strong but it does contain 15% of alcohol by volume. 

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  1. I have been looking for the Han's Farm wine but have not been able to find it. Can you please tell me where you found it?
    Lori O