Yogurt Mountain

12/31/2010 09:53:00 PM

Mango Sorbet w/ strawberries, blueberries, mini gummy bears and rainbow mochi

I was pretty excited to see another frozen yogurt parlor pop up in Clearwater but I guess it left me pretty disappointed after leaving. Don't get me wrong this place is pretty amazing but I was expecting more tarty yogurt. They have 16 different flavor yogurts and numerous different types of toppings but somehow I only found two tart yogurt which I didn't even like. The original plain was really tart compared to all the many others I've had and it tasted just like greek yogurt. I like greek yogurt and all but I don't think I could love their tart as I do with other places. My favorite would be the mango sorbet but I think it was because I really didn't dig yogurt that tastes like ice cream (and I'm secretly in love with mango).

I think this place looks great but it's just not for me. I really love that they are self serve but I rather go to Mochi any day. They both are the same price too, 45 cents per ounce. There's one thing that I absolutely love about Yogurt Mountain would be all the toppings they provide. It felt like I was in a candy shop, they have toppings from candy canes, rice crispy treats, mini gummy bears, fruits and even hot fudge! I was really impressed because a whole wall was dedicated for toppings.

I think this place is pretty amazing and would recommend it for others whom like the sweeter non yogurt tasting frozen yogurt. I wish they had more and better tart yogurt but it's okay with me. I have a favorite frozen yogurt spot of mine that has never let me down!

Yogurt Mountain

2719 Gulf to Bay Blvd., Suite 1145
Clearwater, FL 33764
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  1. your toppings selection is excellent. i always end up basically just eating toppings when i get yogurt.