Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holiday Special

I'm here to present you the first time being elfed. I hope you guys enjoy your holiday season!

My friend and I with our lovely pets!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving day! Stuff yourself with lots of food whether it's traditional turkey, mashed potatoes and so on OR like me an Asian infused Thanksgiving. We're going to have Korean B.B.Q. and other asian yummies!

Have funnnn~

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My marinated beef I made (Bulgogi)
Mom's seasoned beef

lots of grilling to do!

Mom's delicious but simple egg drop soup + veggies

Sizzzzleee! Beef, Pork, Squid and Shrimp

Pork Bulgogi with seasoned bean sprouts

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bento Cafe - Orlando

Ooooh I love Bento Cafe! The first I had Bento was in Gainesville and today I went to the one in Orlando. Man oh man was I happy! This is a very modern Asian cafe that serves you all sorts of Asian food from Chinese, Japanese, Korean and so on. There is a huge list of ways and types of food you can get and they also serve sushi, boba and much more. This Orlando location is really nice since it is in downtown Orlando along with many other restaurants and bars. The interior is similar to the one in Gainesville but a little more classy. The parking is a b*tch though (since it's downtown) you have to park in the garage which cost a ton or find other ways to find parking.

My friend and I got the Korean Spicy Chicken Bento box (free miso soup), Mexican roll, Spicy Tuna roll and Mt. Fuji roll (free). FREE?! Yes FREE. Bento has it's own happy hour which is amazing! Get any bento box and you get a miso soup for free and also buy 2 rolls and get the 3rd one free. That's such an amazing deal for so much food. For all the food today it was $12 for each person. Let me say Bento is pretty cheap for the amount of food you get.

I really enjoyed everything we ordered today and finished everything off nicely. We were SUPER hungry and left super full!! The bento box is nice because it's an actual bento box. You get your meal, rice, salad, side veggies, noodles and a little treat. Wonderful as a whole meal itself. The sushi was good too and I didn't have much to complain while stuffing my face. The miso soup was surprisingly really good. I am picky with my miso because sometimes it comes out too watery or too strong but this was really good stuff.

Oh must I add.. My top favorite frozen yogurt parlor is right next door! Mochi Frozen Yogurt is to die for!

My lovely friend enjoying her bento

Bento Cafe
151 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 
(407) 999-8989

Bento Café on Urbanspoon

Pinkberry Orlando

YUM! I am a huge fan of frozen yogurt and no I'm not talking about that nasty "Ice Cream" like frozen yogurt. I'm talking about the real, tangy and mildly sweet frozen yogurt. I use to work at a frozen yogurt parlor so I know a lot about my yogurt and know what I like. Back in the past Pinkberry was only in Cali and NY but now it's in Florida which I was truly happy about. I like that they provide lots of sizes for you even kid sizes which is perfect for me! It can be a lil pricy but hey most healthy foods are. The yogurt here is fresh and tangy just like the way I like it. There are about 6 flavors to pick from more or less depending on the store. There are tons of fresh toppings to pick from! From fresh fruits, nuts and even cereal.

The location is pretty darn good too. It's in a huge plaza full of different stores. It's next to a Starbucks which stays open later then other stores in the plaza so it brings in more customers for Pinkberry. It's in a healthy looking part of Orlando and is near the Amusement Parks. The interior is amazing, I love the modern look and color furniture. It gives off a happy vibe.

Find them on Facebook and receive updates and events from Pinkberry. There are deals and events that go on often so check them out!

My friend enjoying her Fro Yo
7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd
Orlando, FL 32819

407 354 0890
Pinkberry on Urbanspoon

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mariscos El Pulpo

My mom told me to go try some food from here because she saw the $4.99 lunch special on their sign while driving on Park Blvd. My brother wanted Taco Bell but I dragged him with me here instead to get some food to take home. The location is sorta hidden by the large Race Track next door and it can be easily missed if you drive too fast. What's great is that the Bus line has a stop right in front of this restaurant so there's no need for a walk if you're taking the bus. There's a private parking lot but it was a little tiny, I didn't have any trouble parking because there was no cars there at all. It seems like a slow place because I don't usually hear much about this place and the fact that it was completely empty. 

There are booths instead of tables. The restaurant reminds me of a house made into a restaurant. It was clean and there's a lot of specials that goes on here. There's the lunch specials starting at $4.99 and up and also some dinner specials starting at $5.99 and up. The menu is very simple, there's appetizers like your dips, ceviche, burritos, tamales, enchiladas and so on. 

I got the lunch special 1 enchilada and 1 tamale which comes with rice and beans.  Over all I loved the whole mom and pop feel this restaurant gives off and love that they have specials on their meals but I wasn't totally in love with their food. It was good I really liked the tamale and beans but it wasn't amazing. Honestly after finishing my meal I wasn't full and that was pretty sad because I'm a poor college kid looking for any possible way to be full 24/7 on a low cost! Haha! You may think otherwise so go ahead and try this place if you're in the area. I'm sure you'll find something you'll like from here (the ceviche looked good!).

Mariscos El Pulpo

4651 Park Blvd
Pinellas Park, FL 33781


Kaiko Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant

I didn't eat anything pictured from this blog tonight because I photograph my friends food. It doesn't mean I haven't had it before! This is one of my old friend's restaurant and I've been coming here for years and years. It seems to be a very popular place because celebrity would come here for their dosage of sushi and it's always crowded, especially during lunch/dinner hours and it's a tight squeeze. 

This restaurant is Chinese owned but it doesn't mean they don't know how to roll their sushi and feed us Japanese food. The sushi is good but I usually don't come here for their rolls (thats me personally). I love their udon, spicy fish salad, baked mussels and fried ice cream! It doesn't sound like a healthy mix but man are they good! Everyone who works here are super nice and will give you anything you need. They all have a sense of humor and don't mind joking around with you. 

I'm not trying to butter up this review just because I know them personally. Well maybe I am? Anyways, this is a place to check out if you're in the area. The location is nice because it's located in a plaza full of restaurants from pizza, Indian food, and Thai.

Baked Mussels

One of my favorite thing to get here even though it's not cheap would be the Spicy Fish Salad. Amazing stuff! It has salmon, tune, ika salad, cucumber all mixed up in this spicy sauce and sesame seeds. It may sound simple but it is really something. I always have to come and get a dish for myself and I usually eat it dipped in soy w/ wasabi for the extra kick and rice :)! What a meal! 

Partially eaten Spicy Fish Salad
This is def a place to come by just to try, you never know you'll be hooked! Everyone I know in the area knows about this place and it's located in a nice plaza and a busy intersection with many stores. 

It is a family owned restaurant, with the father at the sushi bar, son right after him. The waitress are both related to each other and there's a connection everywhere!

Kaiko Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant

2475 N McMullen Booth Rd
ClearwaterFL 33759


Kaiko Sushi Bar & Japanese on Urbanspoon

Laziz Indian food

Went out to Laziz for Indian food. It was new to me and also some of my friends first time having Indian food so I must say it was a fun experience. The location is great because there's lots of cultural restaurant in the area, there's Indian, Pizza, Latin, Thai and Japanese all in one plaza. The interior is a bit small but very comfortable to be in. 

We first started out with these very light crunchy things similar to tortilla chips and a red salsa like dip. I'm not sure what they were but they were addicting to eat while waiting for your order! 

We got the Laziz Full Platter which consist of samosa, vegetable pakoras, cheese pakoras and chicken pakora. I had a few pieces off this plate but wasn't really interested in it. There was also a cilantro dip which was good and also a tamarind dip that came with it. The tamarind dip was very interesting, tasted exactly like tamarind, sweet, tangy and unique. 

We ended up ordering around 6 different meals. I can't exactly remember all the names but the one on the left was Daal Makhani (Black lentils cooked for various hours with spices and flavored with herbs). And I put everything we ordered onto a plate, there was Lamb Curry (Tender pieces of lamb cooked with tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic and spices), Lamb Saag (Lamb prepared with spinach and a delicate blend of spices), 2 types of chicken dishes and Shrimp Makhani (Shrimp cooked in a creamy tomato sauce).

The Daal Makhani was really good especially the fact that it is a vegetarian dish. It looked a bit weird because there was no solid pieces in the dish but it went well with the long grain rice. The lamb was good! It's one of my favorite kind of meats. The chicken dishes were really good too, there were good piece of chicken in the dish and the flavor went well together. The shrimp was really good too ^_^! I thought the night went well but I do have to say it was pretty pricey for the serving we got, well to me. I guess because it's not "American" it comes out expensive just like every other cultural restaurant in the area. Expensive! It was 12-15 bucks per serving. Or maybe I'm just really broke and cheap right now :(!

We had dessert which was really unique. We had Rasmalai (Homemade fresh cheese soaked in sweetened milk, topped with pistachios). I wasn't a big fan of this because it felt like I was eating a piece of sponge. It rubbed against my tongue and teeth similar to rubbing a sponge soaked in bleach against plastic. The sauce was good but I have to pass on this dessert. I also tried some Gulab Jamun (Milk and cream balls dipped in syrup), which tasted better then the rasmalai but it still wasn't something I would care for. 

(For original sizes, click on the pictures)


2475 N McMullen Booth Rd
Clearwater, Florida 33759


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bagels & Noodles... HUH?!

Yes, you've read correctly. Bagels and Noodles! I happened to stubble on by to this little restaurant by mistake looking for another Vietnamese restaurant that was in the area (must I say there's not much Vietnamese food in Gainesville). Anyways the exterior is a bit shaddy, not what you would really expect but you can't complain. The interior is very Americanized and at the tables there's ketchup and cream and so on. It confused me a bit because I wasn't sure if I had entered to the wrong restaurant. 

The concept is bagels in the AM and "noodles" Vietnamese food in the afternoon and so on. I guess it's a pretty cool idea especially the fact that this restaurant use to be a bagel shop. 

My honest opinion is that if you're looking for Vietnamese food, go elsewhere. The food isn't terrible but it's not the best I've had and I probably wouldn't go back. The portion for a bowl of pho is tiny (kid size pho) for around 7 dollars. I managed to come in between 3-6 which is happy hour, $4.99 on everything except seafood. If I didn't come in during that time I would have been a unhappy camper because I wouldn't even pay 4 bucks for what I got. 

Bagels & Noodles

1222 W University Ave
GainesvilleFL 32601
(352) 872-5789

Monday, November 1, 2010


Bulgogi Chicken

This place is pretty new, probably have been open for a month or so. I actually heard it from Carlos from http://carloseats.com/ He's also a food blogger in the area so it's cool. We actually both tried food from Sa Ri One Lunchbox the same day but I didn't get pictures because I was in a rush to get somewhere else. I've already had food here 4 times so that tells you something! The price is pretty decent, just like spending money on any other meal you would get. The price ranges from about 7-14 dollars per meal. 

Sa Ri One Lunchbox is pretty much a fast food "lunchbox style" of the original Korean restaurant Sa Ri One on Cypress in Tampa. The food is pretty darn good and it comes with either fried or white rice, the "meat" selection, some pickled cucumber (my fav!), fried dumplings (AMAZING) and a drink. That's a lot for a meal, and I usually only eat half and save the rest for when I'm hungry again!

The location of Sa Ri One Lunchbox is a bit tricky to get to as of right now due to construction and you may want to look out for the word "Lunchbox" instead because it's pretty much 90% of the sign. The decor is nice and clean, lots of flashing lights/signs that are very noticeable at night. Inside there's a few tables to eat at and they will be serving frozen yogurt once they get the ingredients down! The employees are super nice and talkative which is cool and there's also a TV to watch while u wait, plus you can always order in if you're in a rush!

Beef Bulgogi

I recommend the Beef Bulgogi and Galbi (Kalbi)!!! Two of my favorite ones on there, the chicken is pretty good too esp if you like a lil spicy kick!

Sa Ri One Luncbox

8892 N 56th St
TampaFL 33617

(813) 984-2800

Sa Ri One Lunch Box on Urbanspoon