homemade sui mai - iCook

2/09/2011 09:55:00 PM

Just a little something since I haven't updated in awhile. Homemade sui mai :D, don't make fun of my corn topping. It was the only thing near by to make it more "pretty". 

There's also something I've been quite addicted to. Nong Shim Udon, which I buy in boxes from Costco. I don't know why I love them so much but they are so good!!

nom nom nom

Read here if you're interested!


The first time I've ever had this exact bowl of udon was maybe... 5 years ago? It was pretty expensive and I was on a 'trying different package ramen adventure'. I really liked it but it was too much to pay for compared to the 24 pack for 12 bucks deals on other ramen.

Now my mom buys them for me ^_^ 6 bowls for around 13-14 bucks. Still really expensive to me but it's pretty cheap if you think of it as having one bowl per meal, which is less then 2.50 a bowl.

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