iCook - Tiramisu Cupcakes

4/26/2011 08:23:00 PM

It's been awhile, I know I keep saying I'll update again but this semester has been a bunch of bull. There's alotta stuff going on so my blog and social life has been suffering haha! Well not really but I've been just busy and haven't had the time to just eat out. Well my friend decided she wanted to bake some tiramisu cupcakes for her boyfriend's birthday and came over to my house last night to make some ^_^. I must say they are hella good! We also decided we might start up a cupcake and cookie catering kind of business from our own kitchen. Let's see how that goes and maybe we can get some extra cash for gas (which has been on a rise!! It's 4 bucks already!). 

Well anyways just sharing some pics :) the picture above ^ ^ is using daylight lighting which I absolutely love using and the bottom pics is from indoor lights at like 11 pm =_=! Those cupcakes were needy in steps but they came out amazing!

Lets dissect this. The cupcake was really light and soft, it's a simple vanilla cupcake that came out moist but could have been a bit more moist if it wasn't baked as long but it was still really good. Inside is a chocolate/coffee mousse that made everything tie in together. Chocolate can always make anyone smile especially when it's hidden in the middle of a cupcake and you weren't expecting it! The frosting must have been my favorite. It was so light and creamy and I've never had anything like it. It's so light that you wouldn't expect loads of sugar and cream made this heavenly stuff. This was a hit and I think this is going to appear more in the future. I'm sure the more I work on this recipe it's going to be become even better :)!

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  1. i want one. NOW.

    they do look really good. the "surprise" inside sounds excellent. just yesterday i had something my friend made, which was really badass and also a baked good. "cake balls"


    they were intense. and incredibly delicious.