Rita's Italian Ice

5/18/2011 06:26:00 AM

Sometimes I have these random addiction that last for a few weeks or so where I go to the same place for awhile. Rita's have always been one of my love. Their italian ice is just amazing and they always have new flavors that I have to get samples of all the time. Lately I've been going to Rita's for a quick dessert or a place to just meet up with someone. 

I recently had this flavor which was a lemon-raspberry and I regret not buying the whole tub. This is one of my top favorite flavor and it's so hard to come by because there are real pieces of raspberries inside which makes it expensive to make. I honestly can't stop thinking about the flavor, that's how much I absolutely love it. I keep checking to see if they would get the flavor in but they ran out really fast. Which makes me super sad. Anyways! Rita's is good any time any day! I also started getting the Misto Shake which is pretty darn good especially when you find the right flavors to blend together. 

Oh Lemon Raspberry... I dream of you. Please comeback to me!!!

Rita's Italian Ice

(Northwood Plaza)

2510-A N. McMullen Booth Road
Clearwater, FL

727-796-RITA x 7482

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