Banh Xeo

8/17/2011 01:37:00 PM

My mom makes the best banh xeo I've ever had. I've actually never see this served in restaurants but I've had it in Vietnam and also at relatives houses.

This dish is really simple, you have your batter mix, onion, fresh shrimp, pork and bean sprouts and you're ready to go. My mom likes to spice things up so she always adds little things into the batter.

I'm sure there's many different names for these but I simply call these Saigon crepes. Filled with fresh goodness and eaten with nuoc mam cham.

You gotta have them served hot and fresh because that's when they are the best! It's so crispy and light!

(Please excuse my Hercules plate... it's an REALLY REALLY old plate but still useable!)

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