Chipotle - Salads

8/13/2011 12:35:00 AM

I've been really addicted to Chipotle, especially their salads! I know this picture does no justice, but Chipotle is amazing! (In the picture it's a salad, half barbacoa and steak... the lady thought I wanted extra sour cream so she loaded it... and it was just meh! but it's okay I forgive her because I love Chipotle so much!)

If you haven't had Chipotle before I think you should step on by and grab yourself some :D! They have burritos, tacos, burritos bowl, salads, kids meal and so on! You can customize your meal with what you like and off you go~ What so great about this place is that you can find them almost anywhere!

The price is pretty reasonable even though I've seen the price raise (sad) but it seems that prices are rising everywhere. Honestly, I pick Chipotle over many fast food restaurant. This probably isn't the "healthiest" but I rather have Chipotle over McDonalds or any other places. They serve fresh food and you can even see them make your food :D!

MmmmmMmMmmMM Chipotle (I'm a happy girl!)

I'm a guilty girl because I probably have Chipotle about 3+ times a week. This is what I usually get :D.

Salad (because I love the dressing)
half barbacoa and half steak
mild salsa and a little bit of hot
sour cream
lots of corn salsa (i love my corn!)
and cheese :D

PERFECT for me!

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