Thuy's Cafe - St. Pete

8/23/2011 03:24:00 AM

Okay okay... I hate doing negative reviews but I'm just moody today.

I went to Thuy's Cafe today to try for the 3rd time this year to see if their boba is alright. I regret it. Just like last time I took a few sips and I was done.

I don't want to be to negative since this place seems to get some good reviews but sadly I tried and tried but seem to be disappointed each time.

You could say I'm pretty picky with my food but I don't let good food go to waste. I'll keep coming back because I know I'm going to get what I like. I always give places a few chances before calling quits and this is the place I called quits at. I've tried their boba and oh man. They need some work.

Read my rant here

Recently (June) I ordered the green tea boba and like many other places I was expecting a matcha green tea frap thing with boba, nope. They hand me this deep, dark green drink and at first I was kinda hesitant. I said my thanks and walked to my car. I took a sip and I thought I was gonna die. If you've ever had really strong bitter tea that was exactly what it tasted to me. I tried it another time and sat in my car telling myself there's no way in hell I can drink this (now that's telling you something). I don't normally go back to a place and complain but I had to since it was undrinkable. I went back in and told them that it was super bitter and the manager lady tells me oh it's like that... WTF no. I wanted to tell her how to make a good green tea boba but I held myself together. They asked me if I wanted them to remake the green tea boba and I was pretty scared. So instead I asked if I could get taro instead (safe right?). They screwed up again. But this time I just left to go to my orientation that day. The taro was a nice purple color but sadly the taste was not there. It tasted like a milky slush. I know what my taro taste like and this was just bullshit in a cup. It had no flavor at all nor sweetness.

Regular green tea boba....

Regular green tea...
and this is probably the color of my green tea boba that they served me... maybe a lil more darker and grayer..


So today I'm trying to look for a boba tea place around to go to before class and I ended up at Thuy's Cafe since there's none I know around the area. I decided to give them one more try and ordered the mango boba. GAH again. It tasted like a kids mango pudding dessert. I'm not into that kinda stuff and plus it doesn't even taste like mango. After today I just had it with them and I will never again go back there for boba. Oh did I forget to add that the mango boba was really gritty and powdery.

They do serve sandwiches too but I'm not even going to bother with that. The service was really bleh too. I never felt invited in and I'm always afraid they would get my order wrong since they make it seem like they can't understand English. I don't mean to diss or anything but come on.

I do have to say the interior is nicely put together and it looks like a fun place to chill. It's very modern and they also have very nice presentation.

With that said.

Never again.

I would like to add my top favorite bobas are listed below (so I'm pretty sure what they taste like)
Mango, Taro, Green Tea, Mango Strawberry green tea <-- actual iced tea

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I love this picture... I first saw this in high school when I really feel in love with boba

I honestly wish I could love this place... but they let me down.

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