City Street Sweets - Hyde Park

9/25/2011 01:20:00 AM

Hyde Park is really fun to walk around in, especially in a group. After the Food Truck rally we decided to walk around a bit since we didn't want to part from each other yet. We ended up over here and then over there and then suddenly a candy store stopped us... well me. I love candy stores and this one is just so sweet. The interior design is really creative and artsy. There's many glass display for their chocolates and shelves full of different types of candy.

(My Favorite part) In the back of the store there was a TV that was showing Willy Wonka (which in my opinion is the sweetest movie to show in a candy store). They also serve many different things from floats, ice cream, hot drinks, cold drinks and so on.I ended up just getting a root beer float, but I'm not sure what happened it. I did also try a piece of chocolate, it was a pumpkin pie truffle and boy was it good. It probably isn't the cheapest, but you can tell it was made from the heart. This place also has specials for each day of the week so be sure to check that out! Oh, and also the candy buffet for events!

There's candy everywhere! I didn't take a close look at what they had, but I'm sure there's a wide variety of different types.

I'm ending this post with the yummiest thing I saw at the store today. Candy apple! Not just any candy apple but massive coated apples! They look so good!

City Street Sweets

1601 W Snow Cir
Tampa, FL 33606

(813) 251-6764

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