College Eats - Stouffer's Easy Express Meals

9/18/2011 10:58:00 AM

As a college student with no money I'm always on the look out for easy, cheap, delicious and somewhat healthy meals. I try to make my food most of the time, but like any other kid in this world I am super busy with my classes and work that I just don't have time to have a nicely cooked meal or maybe I'm just really lazy.

I cut out all frozen meals out of my life for a few years until I started to get desperate. I've looked around in the frozen food isle and have tried plenty of meals from the lean cuisine, steamers, those really cheap dollar ones and so on. The only one I really really like are Stouffer's Easy Express meals. They take some time to cook a range of 10-15 minutes which is nothing to me and they cost less then $4. There's a good two servings in there which is great for sharing or eating twice! Normally, when I go out to grab food it's already $10 bucks or so.

I was skeptical at first because all frozen meals I've ever gotten never turned out like the packages picture but everything is the same! No soggy vegetables, no extra grease, just great tasting food with enough seasoning to satisfy anyone's taste buds.The vegetables are fresh and the chicken taste like chicken! I've tried other Easy Express meals and was also pleased with them. I think this is great for College kids wanting something cheap yet easy to make. It's also great for young couples with no money to try something different than Hamburger Helper and etc.

I recommend this :)

- Taste just like how it should taste... yummy!
- Easy to make
- Fresh vegetables
- Chicken taste like real chicken
- Looks just like the package
- Cheap

- May take some time to cook
- Need a skillet
- Only a few selections of flavors

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  1. This is so funny to see.I LOVE this particular dish and prepared this same thing last night. I have a long work day and these meals work perfect for my family. I love food so of course I love blog!

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