First Tampa Food Truck Rally

9/25/2011 01:15:00 AM

Aside from the 90+ degree weather, scorching Florida sun and the 5,000+ people I say it was a pretty good event. Sadly, I was only able to hit a few trucks because of the massive long lines, but I'm happy and will be back Oct. 22nd for their next rally!

I think the biggest disappointment I had was when I found out Whatever Pops wasn't going to be there. I was super excited to try their unique flavors, but they were busy somewhere else in Ybor. I hope to see them next event because those popsicles are calling my name!

We started out with Coconut Bo's thinking it would be a short wait and it was super hot. It was getting pretty busy at around 11am and it just got more and more intense as the time goes by.

The wait was extremely long at Coconut Bo's, especially for smoothies. They were backed up and everyone was getting pretty antsy. We all ended up getting a smoothie, they have a large variety of flavors and they also look great! These things cooled me down, but I don't think I would come looking for Coconut Bo's for smoothies. It's too icy for my liking and they also are make their smoothies from all fruit juices. I actually like real fruits in my smoothies.

After a few circles around we ended up at Wicked Wiches for some food. An hour and a half after opening the lines were super crazy. We noticed that the food trucks were already running out of food and even closing their doors. Nelly Nel's was the first to close up and I was only half way in line for my first official "food" truck.

We ended up ordering pretty much everything off the menu here at Wicked Wiches. It was hard because while in line they would start erasing things off the menu and that was heart breaking.

Lychee Mango Limeade

Dr. Pepper Dancing Chicken
Sloppy Mary Kotas

I have to give these guys mad props. They are super creative with their food and it also tastes great. I was a bit worried it would just taste like any other fried food but they all have their own flavors. Their signature sweet potato chips were probably not my favorite. Some were cooked too long and they are also drizzled in some sort of sweet glaze. The Dr. Pepper dancing chicken was a really cool idea and I got it mainly because how different it looked from other food served here. The chicken was actually moist inside and the batter wasn't too thick either. Most of the items are served fried and this could be one of the reason I'm not in "love" with Wicked Wiches. We also got the Big Lebrowski I believe which is a sausage that's fried up. I actually like this a lot because it had a really thin layer of batter and was super crispy but the inside was still moist. There was also the Cheeseburger Eggroll, Sloppy mary and this fried sandwich that I can't remember the name of. I had also ordered one of their Lychee Mango Limeade and it is REALLY good. It's served in a cute carton and there was also a surprise lychee inside of it.

The lines were still long for some of the remaining trucks but menu items were now limited. I wanted to grab some cupcakes from The Cuppin Cake but sadly they were all sold out. I was disappointed but I'm ready for the next event!

Oh my friend also grabbed some crab cakes from Michelle Faedo's truck and they are AMAZING! I normally don't care much for crab cake, but I was really amazed at how much crab was stuffed in these little cakes. I love crab by itself, but man are these good cakes. I tried this devil crab one from my friend and it had a strong crab taste to it. It was still good, and you get a kick from all the crab. The next item I tried was the crab cake itself and it was amazing. It's full of crab meat and it also has a tangy kick to it.

It was a super hot day, but I'm satisfied with how the day rolled out. I knew the food was going to run out fast so I tried my best to come early but that was still not enough. The event was only expecting 1,000 but people from all over the bay area started to gather. Somehow 5,000 people manage to grab a sight of our first Tampa Food Truck Rally and I hope for the next event we make even bigger news happen!

For you all that missed this first event do not worry! There's the next Food Truck Rally happening next month, Oct. 22 and supposedly this event will hold around 20 different trucks. Exciting!

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  1. AHHHHHHH why must that picture of me be included. No one will want a crab cake from Michele Faedos anymore because of it! I will be blamed for single-handedly deterring all potential customers from that place.

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