Korean BBQ - Rice Restaurant and Lounge (revisted)

9/05/2011 02:16:00 AM

I love love love Korean BBQ! Korean food, Korean culture, Korean cities! I want to visit S. Korea one day but I need to finish some of my studies first. Anyways! Tonight I had plans with my friend to go to Rice to grab some Korean BBQ. Since I live in Florida we are REALLY limited on Asian cuisine, especially Korean food. Rice is the only place in the area that I know that provides grills at the tables (when I mean area I pretty much mean within the 100+ miles radius). 

I love this place or I use to but lately it's been more of a hassle to eat here than pleasure. Today I had the same problem with service which was extremely slow and this caused everyone in my party to become greatly disappointed. Many had to wait half an hour to just get a menu, there were long waits for water, food and so on. I had to witness people from other tables getting up to grab their own utensils. When some of the party was finished with their BBQ the other half would finally get their sushi (meal). The food was good but somehow it wasn't as great as the first few times I've visited this place. I haven't been able to come often due to high prices but if you want to experience Korean BBQ and their grills you have to either come here or make them at home (which I have been doing a lot more recently).

Besides the whole horrible service the food is good. They have a large menu with all sorts of Korean food and also a full bar. The restaurant is huge so you should never be afraid of bringing large parties. One of the main reason I come to this Korean restaurant is because of their BBQ. Their food is always fresh and they have the most banchans I have ever experienced. On good days the employees are super nice and willing to refill everything for you. They are really friendly and will do whatever they can to serve you.

Even though they may be a little more on the pricey side this is a great family/friend sharing meal. It's fun and interactive which is a great bonding experience. They offer specials on their website and one that has been up for awhile would be the 'buy 3 get 1 free' BBQ meat deal. They also have specials on certain dishes that are good for that season, for example the Kong Gooksu (Korean soybean noodles). A cold and mild soybean milk noodle dish great for hot summer days.

Another one of my favorite part of the Korean BBQ at Rice is when they serve you the steamed eggs and the dengjang chigae (Korean spicy miso). Their soup is really amazing and I can just eat that all up with plain rice and be happy. But since I'm a meat girl the BBQ is a must :). Oh and they also serve you sikhye at the end of the meal. It's an really nice sweet rice tea or a desert tea.

My partner in dine for tonight is an old friend from High School.

:) Thanks Becca and her guest for coming out tonight and I apologize for the service tonight. Have a safe trip back!

My older review for Rice

Korean BBQ - Rice Restaurant & Lounge

Rice Restaurant & Lounge

(Town N Country Plaza)
7525 West Hillsborough Ave
Tampa, FL 33615



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P.S. I want to thank my friend Tony Ho for making me some yummy tempura ice cream and Ocean Blue for the drinks! Check this place out soon! Even though they are all my friends I enjoy the service and entertainment here. The food is also really good too :).

Ocean Blue Sushi Bar

2475 N McMullen Booth Rd
Clearwater, FL 33759

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