Ocean Blue Sushi Bar

9/22/2011 11:19:00 AM

The one and only place to go to in Clearwater for late night sushi is Ocean Blue. Not only at night but also for dinner and lunch. Sushi anytime of the day pretty much! Comon, who doesn't love sushi any time they want?

Half lounge and half traditional restaurant, you get to pick what you're in the mood for. There's also a deck in the back that's great for some fresh air. An amazing bar with great bartenders and also great servers. On certain days there are different events going on (for example Karaoke Night & Djs) and they also have selected items that's half off after 10 pm.

They have a great menu with a lot of variation. From appetizers, bento boxes, entree, sweets, and ice cream. Oh did I forget to mention about their sushi? They also have their own specialty sushi menu including the Scott roll, Volcano, Sexy and many more rolls to serve you.

Sexy roll

Spicy Fish Salad
Honestly, my most favorite item to order would be the spicy fish salad. Don't let the price tag scare you because this is the one dish I can never get anywhere else. There's large amount of salmon and tuna mixed with a squid salad, cucumber, and their spicy sauce. It is amazing and that's all I can say. It's great to share with others, but being me I love to eat this all by myself with a bowl of rice. It's so satisfying in every sense that I could care less about anything else.

To end the meal off I really recommend their fried ice cream or even their mochi ice cream. The fried ice cream is large enough to share with others and it's too good to pass up. The mochi ice cream is probably my favorite but could be a challenge for some to eat because mochi can sometimes be quite sticky and different to American dessert. Mochi (glutinous rice cake) is a traditional Japanese dessert or snack, so if you're willing for an mini trip to Japan it's a must try!

My apologies for the pictures not being sharp, lighting wasn't the greatest

Ocean Blue Sushi Bar

2475 McMullen Booth Rd
Clearwater, FL 33759


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  1. oh my gosh that salad looks good. gotta try it next time! :D