Oysters! @ Central Avenue Oyster Bar

9/07/2011 01:36:00 AM

Warning! Crappy camera pictures
Thanks to my friend Tai we ended up at an oyster bar in the middle of the night. I've never been to an "oyster bar" before so I was pretty excited once I walked in. The interior was a bit fancier than what I imagined it to be but it was pretty nice and cozy.

We started out with some bread and dipping sauce for the night and our adventured began. We had raw oysters which was really good. They were a bit on the small side but it was oh so good! Tai went on a raw seafood frenzy and ordered some raw clams and boy were they different. 

The raw clams had such a strong fishy smell that I was kinda surprised when I took a wiff of one. The taste was an even bigger surprise, the clam was pretty clammy. It had a really strong clam taste to it that after a few I was done. I could smell how fishy it made my breath smelt. It didn't taste bad don't get me wrong. I love the chewy contrast compared to the oysters but clam has never been my favorite shellfish so I would have to pass to this the next time it comes around.

:) Ended the night with some layered chocolate cake and then home bound! I absolutely love St. Petersburg downtown. They have so many places to chill, eat and visit. While driving I saw so many places to go to. Love it!

Central Avenue Oyster Bar

249 Central Ave.
St. Petersburg, FL 33701



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