Seasons Cafe & Bakery

9/07/2011 01:12:00 AM

I totally love this place and hope it'll always be this good! I hate seeing businesses starting out great but start to drop due to changes in the business (for worse). The food is pretty good here, clean and simple but they always provide specials meals. The menu is pretty simple serving banh mi, bubble tea and shaved ice. On the side menus there are noodle dishes and other specials meals they decide to serve up.

I really enjoy coming here because it's just plain fun. There's no uncomfortable uninviting feeling you would get like at some places. The employees are super nice and also the customers there, they all have a fun spirit to them. Another plus that I enjoy about Seasons is that they are open late. I get out of class pretty late and this place is still open!

One of my favorite must get is their shaved ice. I've never had anything like this outside of Florida. I always have my eyes out for new stuff coming to Florida especially Asian cuisine and this is the first time I've seen shaved ice here in the area (similar to Taiwanese shaved ice). It's so yummy, I recommend it to everyone. They have difference flavor ice and toppings. I'm a fruit lover and noticed their fruits are super fresh (which is a BIG plus to me)!

:D Really cool place that I suggest everyone to try out. The banh mi is on the top of my list of banh mi in the area, the bubble tea is good and also my favorite shaved ice that you must try! They have wi-fi and also a ping pong table! What more can you ask!

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Seasons Cafe & Bakery

7261 US Hwy 19 N
Pinellas Park, 33781

(727) 623-0923

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