Chicken Wing Bar

10/19/2011 09:26:00 PM

I'm not much of a big chicken wing person, but sometimes you just want to take a bite into a juicy flavorful wing. I was at Albertson one day this week and I finally had the guts to step up to the Chicken Wing Bar. You probably think a grocery store + chicken wings = bad, but I have to say these wings were really big and juicy. There were so many flavors to pick from for example; buffalo, teriyaki, boom?, caribbean, garlic, honey mustard, and other flavors I can't seem to remember the names of.

They charge per lb and have a good variety of flavors to choose from. It is self serve so you can pick which one you want and how many and even the size of the wings. They were all cooked perfectly and were not dry at all.

Wing out while grocery shopping! Yum!

Here's an example photo I would like to share. I do use some enhancement on most of my photos because it always makes food look even yummier.

Now you tell me which side looks tastier!

Color correction is one of the major thing I love when fixing up photos. Depending on the lighting indoors there can be a green or orange shade. Reason why sunlight is one of the most favorite to photograph in! Also adding contrast and a little fix here and there will brighten a dull picture! I don't use any alternative lighting because I don't have money to spend or time to learn about lighting but maybe one day I'll have some super awesome photos!

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