Day of the Dead - Dunedin

10/22/2011 11:27:00 PM

I was able to go to Dunedin today to check out their Day of the Dead event. It was really cool and they had things to do for all ages. One out of mission was to visit and get stamped by different stores/restaurants that had altars for the dead, after finishing we are able to get a free shot of tequila. Sadly, we never finished but it was a really fun game and a great way for us to walk around downtown to check out other places. I was able to check out each store on foot.

Day of the Dead reminds me of an Asian religious prayer for the dead but the Mexican holiday is more festive and fun. It was really nice that the little town was able to decorate and celebrate this holiday and being able to be apart of it felt a little like a Gilmore Girl community. Everyone seemed to know one another and there was a park where everyone goes to to hang out and play.

While out and about we ended up getting some ice cream and watched a magic show. I got pumpkin pie (kid size) and it was amazing! It wasn't too sweet and the pumpkin spice flavor was unbelievable (Pumpkin is my favorite during this time of year!). My friend got their slush (with ice cream) and became the center of the magic show.

We ended our mission after this magic show because nothing else mattered anymore and walked back to the park/stage area. Chilled for a bit and left happily~

I must say that downtown Dunedin is super friendly and very animal friendly. There's so many cute pets I wanted to pet them all!

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