Tampa Bay's Second Food Truck Rally!

With the second food truck rally right around the corner, many are planning and creating strategies for a perfect food truck rally.

Here's the current list of vendors and truckers! More than double than the first rally, but be expecting a more crazy and intense crowd of people! (I'll try to link them too)

Fire Monkey -Fire Monkey is a food truck based in St. Petersburg, FL preparing fresh, local, seasonal ingredients paired with world spices and flavors that is cooked-to-order. Vegan and Vegetarian offerings and great food for meat eaters, too! Michelle Faedo
3 Ballers - Sweets, sweets and sweets! Baller style!
Taco Bus - The oh so famous Taco Bus featured in Man vs. Nation and also soon on Diners, Drive-Ins and Drives. Serving you down right good Mexican food.
Fat Tortillas - Tex-Mex on wheels!
Killer Samich - The Killer Samich Truck where killer sandwiches are born. Some of your favorite sandwiches are reimagined in new exciting and mouthwatering ways. Follow us for up to date locations. Coconut Bo's - Coconut Bo's... running the roads of Tampa Bay. Join us for a smoothie and our tropical cuisine.
Nelly Nel's - This small truck packs big flavor into bowls made from mashed and deep-fried plantains, stuffed with fried-chicken or pork nuggets, or grilled steak and a slew of veggies, herbs and sauces.
Cuppin Cake - New on wheels, but don't under-estimate these cute cuppin cakes! They pack and twist their flavors like you've never seen before.
Whatever Pops - Whatever Pops are handcrafted, natural, gourmet ice pops! We use local ingredients from local farmers' markets in the area, and change flavors weekly! (Probably one of my top must try!)
Buddy Brew - Coffee, coffee, coffee!
Los Comparres Ceviches - This I have no clue who they are... Is it the restaurant Ceviches on wheels??
Jerk Hut - Jamaican goodies!
Burger Culture - "Where Burger meets Sandwich " Bringing Gourmet Burgers to Tampa on wheels.
Crusin Cuisine - Las Palmas food on wheels! Cuban goodies.
GrannyBubba Baked Goods - GrannyBubba Southern Gourmet Bakery: Where Louisiana gourmet meets the Florida seashore. Custom cakes, wedding cakes, gourmet pies, and other sweet treats. La Creperia
Fish out of Water - Sushi on wheels?! Have no fear! A master at work on wheels serving you delicious and fresh sushi!
Mr Empanada - Empanadas all day! Now on wheels.
Fork in the Road - Fine French cuisine on wheels. Isn't that exciting!
Gator Country - Yes finally a BBQ truck! We officially have a food rally!
DoChos -We sell Mini Donuts, Funnel Cakes, Hot Pressed Cubans, Black beans and rice, Hot Italian Beef.
Gone Bananas - Are you bananas for bananas?! Serving up vegan and gluten free banana treats.
Monsta Lobsta - Seafood and lobster rolls in all sorts of sizes.
Big Al's BBQ - Mmmm, yum BBQ!
Viitals' Gluten-Free Organic Vegan Baked Goods - Vegan goodies.
Foodeez - Foodeez of the true calling, dear friends, are forever. Foodeez are not groupies. They are true eaters who have a passion for food. (What type of food exactly? I'm not sure..)
Flying Sliders - Sliders that can fly! (Not much information)