Tampa Food Truck Rally #2

10/22/2011 03:33:00 PM

Cuppin Cake
Gator Burger
Nelly Nel's Chicken bowl
Spicy Tuna bowl - Sushi truck


Whatever Pops - Cucumber mint, Strawberry basil & Blueberry pomegranate Green tea

This rally was probably one of the best one I've been too. The first Tampa food truck rally which was a month ago was nothing compared to this. There were more trucks, less lines, lots of walking space, different areas to sit and eat, more shades and a cooler weather. I would have to say today was just over all amazing and perfect!

I never had to wait in line today compared to last time I waited over an hour or so just to get to one truck and there was also another 30 mins or so before the food was ready. Today I was even able to visit multiple trucks without any trouble and was really happy about that. I was surprised that it wasn't pack, I'm not sure if it was because the area was bigger and we had more trucks or that less people attended. Hmm...

Anyways! On to the food~ I was able to nibble on a variety of food today. Friend of a friend got a crepe and another got a gator burger, both look tasty! I ordered a chicken bowl from Nelly Nel's and it was pretty good. I also tried the ceviche from a friend and it was okay to me. There was mostly fish and the texture was all the same, I was expecting some octopus. scallops, etc for some texture and flavor but sadly there was none.

The next truck I got food from was something I had a little fear of. Sushi on a truck sounds really unique but the thought was a little sketchy. I was super curious though so I had to try it, I ordered their spicy tuna bowl and boy do I not regret it. After taking a few peeks at others food rolling out of their truck I felt a little less nervous and more excited for my food. It was kind of pricey ($7) for that tiny thing but the tuna tasted fresh and they give you a nice portion of fish. The tuna is mixed in a sriracha hot sauce mix which was a little too spicy even for me but it tasted good! DO NOT FEAR THE SUSHI TRUCK!

Was being able to eat a few of Whatever Pops! I've been wanting them for awhile but since I'm never in the area I couldn't get some and I wasn't going to drive an hour or so just to get a popsicle! This is the most amazing thing ever, it's not too sweet yet it's super flavorful. I love them and want more!

***On other notes - Fire Monkey and Taco Bus was probably the more busier lines.

Soooo :) Next food rally whenever that will be.. Will you come out now?

Probably not the best video but it's a start!

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  1. The best thing my kids and I ate at the Seminole Heights Food Truck Rally, we had right after we walked in the rally! They were these Cake Pops, like they sell at Starbucks; only these were bigger and better. They also were one of the inexpensive things we ate, five bucks. The kids had some Chocolate flavors and I had a Key Lime one. I also bought a Jones Cream Soda at Granny Bubba Bakery's cute little tent.- Heidi