Taste Cafe - Safety Harbor

10/13/2011 01:08:00 AM

Thanks to Groupon once again I was able to try a local restaurant located in Safety Harbor. I've always seen Taste cafe driving in and out of Safety Harbor, but nothing pulled me in until I found a Groupon for them. They are open for all breakfast, lunch and dinner hours which is amazing because they serve really good and fresh food.

I ended up going with a friend to Taste cafe tonight to try a few of their tapas. They have a very large selection of tapas, beer & wine menu and sweets. There was so many to choose from, but we had an awesome waitress help us out. I absolutely loved how unique their menus are.

We ended up ordering the stuffed portabella mushrooms, mango pizza, artichoke dip, sundried tomato & goat cheese tarts, smoked fish dip and a Chinese steamed bun tapas.

Smoke fish dip

Sun-dried tomato and goat cheese tarts

Chinese steamed bun

Mango pizza

This tiny place in Safety Harbor serves really fresh and flavorful food. Nothing was stale or limp and I love that because I'm such a fresh food lover. There's so many different dishes to try and I think this is an amazing place to come to have a little chit chat over some tapas. The menu changes constantly and that just shows how fresh the food is at Taste cafe. The service was really good and the waitress was really attentive and cheerful.

Thank you Taste cafe and Groupon for such a wonderful experience!

I took out the new camera to use for the first time so pictures will improve with time! Also all the photos had a green or red tint to it because we sat outside with flashing lights. I tried to fix it with my best knowledge so sorry!

Taste Cafe

500 Main Street
Safety Harbor, FL 34695



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  1. Thanks for the awesome review Dena! I am so happy you liked everything and we look forward to having you come back again soon!

    As you said, yes, we do change the menu often and like to stay seasonal since the majority of our produce comes from local vendors.

    Thanks again!