Largo's Stone Crab Festival

11/12/2011 10:37:00 PM

Tonight's preview...

Last minute plans with my friend Danny again (which I love) to Largo's Stone Crab Festival... (sadly, no stone crab for me since they ran out~) but we did get some snow crab :D

(pictures from instagram)

Also tried my first fish taco :) and it was yummy!

Got a drink from this BikeCaffe (super cute)

and came home to my new iphone 4s cases :D
yes I love cute stuff :)


I don't have much pictures from my camera because I failed at focusing in the dark and I was busy eating! I love love this BikeCaffe though. Such a cute little cafe! AND I love seafood :D ESP crabs!


I had a fun time at this little side street festival. It wasn't crazy but it was fun to walk up and down eating and looking around. I tried my first fish taco and it was good, the lemon juice probably made it even more tastier over the shrimp scampi taco (Danny's). After walking around for a bit we settled down for some snow crab and seafood gumbo. The crab was pretty good, it was cooked perfectly and the meat was sweet. 

I also had a fun time teaching Danny how to perfectly get her yummy crab meat out in one piece. The seafood gumbo was sadly a disappointment. It was really heavy and just a glob of goo. Everything was mixed in so well telling one item from another was hard. There was no contrast of flavor or texture so in the end the crab got the full attention. 

Oh and the BikeCaffe is the cutest thing ever!! They have a pretty big menu and take cards! 

I love food festivals :D
Thanks Danny for inviting me out~

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