Pinellas's First Food Truck Rally

11/20/2011 02:31:00 PM

I think I'm officially Food Truck Rally pooped out. I'm certainly not as excited and there wasn't much to try out. There were lots of the same trucks and nothing too eye popping. I will have to say though, if you've never been to one that you must go! It's a really fun experience if you've never had food from a truck before.

With that said, here was my day~

My friend and I split a Chicago dog from Taste of Chicago and it was sadly a disappointment. Everything was good except the "dog" which seem to be just a regular hot dog. The one I had in Chicago was just amazing. I usually don't eat hot dogs, but give me a specialty dog and I won't say no.

Next on the list was Michelle Faedo's deviled crabs. I didn't enjoy it as much as my first time, but they weren't bad at all. I wish there was more crab meat vs. crust. My friend Gabby also decided to try some Banana Whip from Gone Banana. I'm really not a banana person but she enjoyed it. It was a really creamy banana in a cup topped with your choice of topping (which she got chocolate peanut butter). If you love  bananas than this is the place! I can tell you that it's super fresh and very bananas.

This was probably my most yummiest thing I've ate that day next to some popsicles from Whatever Pops. We got some beef and cheese empanadas from Mr. Empanada and they were so darn good! Super hot and oozing with filling. I also tried the crab one which I wasn't so crazy for and Gabby bought some apple ones which she said was really good!

We ended the rally with some tacos from the oh so famous Taco Bus! You can't even say anything bad about this place because they are so darn good. I got a flour taco with shredded beef and Gabby got the same thing with steak. I love Taco Bus :)!

Over all I wasn't that amazed with this rally. I wished they picked a different location or warned us about the dirt filled location. I came back with some really dirty feet. My favorite rally would probably be the second food rally in Tampa. The area was really big and there were tons of trucks from all type of food, sushi, bbq, and so on. But that's okay! I'm glad my friend Gabby was able to enjoy her first food rally! The next one is in December in St. Pete. I'm not sure if I'll go but I guess it'll depend on who will be there!


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  1. Dena, I am sorry you did not find our Chicago dog as good as the one you had in Chicago. We purchase only the best ingrediants from our supplier; the poppy seed rolls, the sport peppers, the green relish, and wieners are all imported from Chicago. Normally we have people from Chicago coming back to tell us how good they are, so we were quite surprised about your comment. Next time you see our trailer around come and introduce yourself and we will give you a free Chicago dog so you can try it again.

  2. I went through what you've eaten that day, and I would really like to try those bananas. I also love to eat, and I am very willing to try anything. This looks delicious. I also love the cheese empanadas.

  3. If you love bananas than this is the place! I can tell you that it's super fresh and very bananas. Food Truck Wedding In Los Angeles