Alésia Restaurant

12/21/2011 05:34:00 PM

I absolutely love this place! I found out about this place when I was making a list of places to check out awhile back and I finally got to it. I was impressed by their yelp reviews so I had high expectations and fell in love the moment I walked in their doors. This restaurant gives you both French and Vietnamese food under the same room. If you find that weird don't be because most of Vietnamese food has a French touch to it. France colonized Vietnam in the 17th century and all was history including the French/Vietnamese food fusion!

I fell in love with the interior and atmosphere of this place. It's very open and also has a classic cafe feel to it. They have nice jazzy music and plenty of seats inside and outside. The kitchen isn't connected to the inside dining area, which is kind of nice because you don't have any noise distracting you while you relax. The waitress was super nice and the food came out fast and hot! Just the way I like it. I had the chance to sit by the large windows so I had a great view outside while enjoying my meal. There was no rush and it was actually quite peaceful. I'm curious why they don't have more customers to fill up this nice place.

I ordered some egg rolls and pho off their menu and have to say that these are probably the best egg rolls I have ever had. Excluding the ones my mother make. It's probably on the same level as my mothers actually because they taste very similar and they both are filled with the same mixture. These plump egg rolls have a meat mixture of pork and shrimp filling, carrots, wood ear mushrooms and glass noodles. Superb!

All I can say is wow! This is one of the best pho I've had at a restaurant. I notice that compared to other phos I've had there was no bean sprouts, herbs, tendons, tripe or meat balls, but in all honestly I didn't even notice until halfway in my bowl that it was missing. Alésia really does not skimp out when it comes to their food. This bowl was filled with all sorts of beef cuts which was super soft and it almost melts in your mouth. The scent of the broth is really strong and made my mouth watered while I was in a rush to take my photos. The noodles were probably my most favorite part of the dish. It was really chewy and cooked perfectly. None of that mushy noodles or ball of noodles that you get at other restaurants.

I also want to add that this dish didn't taste artificial at all which is another reason why I love it. I'm tired of restaurants making food full of sugar and other unnecessary ingredients. This was super fresh food cooked to perfection! This place really knows how to serve their Vietnamese food and I'll be glad to come back for more Vietnamese and also try out their French dishes!

Alésia Restaurant

7204 Central Ave
Saint Petersburg, FL 33707

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  1. I've been wanting to go here, too. Definitely trying it out soon!