Food Truck Rally in St. Petersburg

12/17/2011 11:26:00 PM

I have skipped out on two of the past Food Truck rally because there wasn't anything new to try. I decided to go to this one because I heard some Orlando trucks were going to be there and that got me excited. I will have to say hands down I find Orlando food trucks more interesting, but I think it could be that they aren't from around here.

I didn't really get to eat much from the food truck rally but I'll show you a few pictures from today. Here's some pictures of the locations and trucks.

 Two new trucks that I tried out was Two Asians & A Grill and Tasty Stacy. I wanted to try Nubu since I thought their name was interesting but I didn't find anything that was calling out my name on their menu. There were a few other trucks but sadly I'm not a hotdog nor burger fan so I had to pass. I was looking for something different and fun.

From Two Asians & A Grill I couldn't decide what to get so the guys helped me out. I ended up with their hibachi fried rice with steak. Not too shabby. I wasn't a fan of their "goodie goodie?" sauce but their rice wasn't too bad. It was served hot and fast. The fried rice had enough seasoning that I didn't have to call for emergency soy sauce and the rice was soft and fluffed! Oh and there was corn in the fried rice, something I usually only find in my own homemade fried rice :)!

Their menu also had hibachi noodles or sushi. I have seen this truck before in hyde park but it was parked in a parking lot full of darkness a few weeks ago. I joked around saying they should take it out and BAM here I see it at the rally!

 Next stop was this newly put up truck called Tasty Stacy. I thought the name was super cute, but that wasn't the only thing that was cute. The sick interior (pink leopard chairs) and pink decal just calls every girl and possible guy over. The ladies working were cute too, plus their adorable accessories. Super friendly!

I ordered their Penne Pasta with Pesto and also got to sample their Shrimp & Rice. I have to say that I didn't expect to get such a large amount of pasta which I never finished. The food is really fresh and all homemade which can explain why it may take a little longer to get your food than usual. The penne pasta with pesto was really light in flavor. It was good but possible not my favorite since I'm a huge flavor person. The shrimp & rice has a nice tangy kick to it and at the same time it's creamy and light. If I didn't have rice earlier I would have def gotten the shrimp & rice because it's such a nice refreshing dish.

I have noticed that after the First food truck rally in Tampa all the other rallies have been very calm. There's no 2 hour long lines and the locations are nice. There's even tables and chairs to sit while enjoying your meal and some music. It seems to be just a fun outing for the kids, dogs, friends and family!

As usual I'm a giant Whatever pop fan so I had to end my day with a popsicle. I absolutely love their Honey Blackberry Green Tea popsicle. I'm not even lying when I say I can eat a few of their popsicles at one event but I try not to! I also grabbed some beef and cheese empanadas to go from Mr. Empanadas and tried some Parmesan cheese fries from Fire Monkey I believe.

All is good :)

Food truck rally in Tampa #1
Food truck rally in Tampa #2
Food truck rally in Pinellas #1

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