Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mama Fu - Clearwater

The first time I had Mama Fu was when I was about 15/16 years old. It was when they first opened and I was interested in what this new Asian fusion restaurant served. I was greatly disappointed and never went back until this year... Maybe 5 years later and now I'm kinda liking it. Back then I got the mongolian and it tasted and looked like a burnt mess. Reason why I  never went back and many of my friends also didn't like it.

Years later I decided to go and check it out again and I wasn't as disappointed. I think I wanted some brown rice and it was in the area so I headed in to grab something. I ended up trying the chicken Red Thai Curry with brown rice and  I liked it. The curry isn't like what you normally get at Thai restaurants, it was a bit more watery and isn't as good but it was decent. I loved how fresh the veggies tasted and the sauce made the brown rice easier to eat. Anyways after that I occasionally come by to grab some food because I rather eat from Mama Fu's then those take out Chinese. I can't take the overloaded sugar and grease.

Anyways, last night I went to go try the pad thai. It wasn't amazing but it wasn't bad. The amount of food was pretty good for the price but I wish the price included a drink. That would be great but they do have days for special meals and deals. The pad thai got me full and I had half of it left. The rice noodles was right and the color was good but I was confused which was chicken pieces and tofu. The tofu pieces were random but I didn't mind it. It was a bit too tangy for me and I didn't love the flavor as much as other places.

One of my favorite at Mama Fu's would be the Thai Coconut Soup. It's similar to the ones at Thai restaurants but isn't as loaded or flavorful. I like this soup because it's light and it's just a blast to have. It's tangy and addicting. I wish there were more chicken and veggies in it but sadly there's only floating mushrooms and a few chunks of chicken and tomatoes. 

Mama Fu's - Clearwater

2689 Gulf to Bay Blvd
Ste 1860
Clearwater, FL 33759

(727) 712-0201


Starbucks- Clearwater Mall

I don't normally hit up Starbucks but lately it's all I can do. Especially since I have this Green tea latte crave. I would rather spend my time in a local coffee shop but sadly there's NONE in Clearwater and the other's aren't the best. It's hard to be able to have a good cup of whatever I want and sit in a non populated area and be able to absorb the environment but sadly I can't. All there is in Clearwater is just Starbucks so I have to deal with it. I mean there's nothing bad about Starbucks but it's just so over-rated and also I know I can get whatever I'm getting for a much cheaper price. 

Anyways... I've been going for the Green Tea a lot more since coffee hasn't been my thing. I love green tea especially matcha and any tea for a fact. Nothing to hate about the green tea latte really except the first time they thought I wanted a frap but really I wanted ice. Gabby and I tried their sweets just because I always wonder what they tasted like.

The first picture shows a Red Velvet whoopie pie and a birthday cake pop (their new addition). I'm going to be honest here they both sucked. The red velvet didn't taste anything like red velvet and it was first bitter once it hit my tongue. The red velvet wasn't moist but pretty hard and just tasted bad to me. The filling just bought this whoopie pie to it's grave. The red icing on the red velvet was really annoying because every time it got on my finger it would stain. Now to this new birthday cake pop that caught my eye. It was pink and cute so I had to try but I regret it. I should have saved my 2 bucks because this cake on a stick was more like a butter ball on a stick. The texture didn't remind me anything of a cake and it looked like lots of butter or some sort mixed with birthday cake flavoring and dipped in pink. They did sort of get the flavor down but I think this was a mere fun buying then actually to eat. 

Now not all Starbucks treats are bad because today I had the blueberry muffin and a piece of the lemon bread and it was pretty good. In the picture shows my blueberry muffin even though no blueberry was showing they were under that crispy sweet top. The muffin was pretty good I didn't have a huge complaint about it but I wished it was a lil bit more softer in texture and a little more moist. Same with the lemon bread but  my friend liked it and said it was perfect. Maybe that's just me. The lemon bread was just okay to me I wasn't in love nor hate it. Same with the blueberry muffin. It didn't make me fall in love but it's better then the rest of the desserts I had there. 

Giant Strawberry

Say hello to this giant strawberry I found. It's sitting next to a regular sized strawberry and is as big or maybe bigger than the palm of my hand!!

Rita's Italian Ice

Sometimes I have these random addiction that last for a few weeks or so where I go to the same place for awhile. Rita's have always been one of my love. Their italian ice is just amazing and they always have new flavors that I have to get samples of all the time. Lately I've been going to Rita's for a quick dessert or a place to just meet up with someone. 

I recently had this flavor which was a lemon-raspberry and I regret not buying the whole tub. This is one of my top favorite flavor and it's so hard to come by because there are real pieces of raspberries inside which makes it expensive to make. I honestly can't stop thinking about the flavor, that's how much I absolutely love it. I keep checking to see if they would get the flavor in but they ran out really fast. Which makes me super sad. Anyways! Rita's is good any time any day! I also started getting the Misto Shake which is pretty darn good especially when you find the right flavors to blend together. 

Oh Lemon Raspberry... I dream of you. Please comeback to me!!!

Rita's Italian Ice

(Northwood Plaza)

2510-A N. McMullen Booth Road
Clearwater, FL

727-796-RITA x 7482

Hello Kiwi Frozen Yogurt

I don't really have much to post about so I'm going to just post short random post just because I feel like it and the fact that it's 6 am and I'm still not asleep. I have the most horrible sleeping habit especially since I'm on summer break. Anyways Kiwi Frozen Yogurt again! I honestly would go here more because it's so cute and it's a great place just to chill and even do some work but sadly it's out of the way. I do try to come often since there's only really one thing on the menu that keeps me coming back. It would be the taro frozen yogurt which is rare to find where I live. This seems to be the second best taro frozen yogurt I've ever had after Mochi Frozen Yogurt. 

:) I actually got this cup of yummy taro yogurt for free because they had some liking status event on Facebook which was fun to be involved with. I tried this "mango boba" which was kinda weird... They reminded me of salmon fish eggs but instead mango flavor. I wasn't too excited about it because "boba" made me think of tapioca balls and these well def liquid filled and it was sickly sweet which made me gave them away so I could dig into my yummy yogurt!

Kiwi Frozen Yogurt

3150 Tampa Rd
Oldsmar, FL 34677

(727) 787-5494